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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(b) Make sure the joint is evenly coated with glue. Do not use an excessive amount of glue.
(c) Make sure each part is positioned properly as each joint is glued.
Apply Teflon pipe thread lubricant to threaded adapter (2, FIGURE 2-11) and install.
Join the vent section with the flexible coupling (1, FIGURE 2-12). Tighten the clamps on the
coupling to 40 inch-pounds.
Connect the external vent pipe at point (3, FIGURE 2-11) on the treatment tank (1). Clean the
connection and apply Teflon thread lubricant when connecting.
b. Place the end sediment tank assembly tank assembly (5, FIGURE 2-11) in position on the mounting
foundation and install the bolts, washers, and nuts (6, 7, 8) to connect the assembly to the main unit.
Do not tighten the bolts and nuts until the foundation mounting bolts are aligned and installed.
c. Install the foundation mounting bolts, washers, and nuts (11, FIGURE 2-11).
d. Tighten all mounting bolts to 34 ft-lb.
e. Connect the piping and fitting (8, 9, 10, FIGURE 2-12) to the underside ofthe assembly. When gluing
is required, follow the instructions given in a.(1)(a) of this procedure.
f. Replace internal sediment tank fitting as required. Follow the instructions in a.(1)(a) and (b) of this
g. Apply Teflon lubricant to the threads and install the anode/plug (9, FIGURE 2-11) in tank (10). Tighten
until snug.
h. Install the mid sediment tank cover assembly (paragraph 2-13).
i. Install the end sediment tank cover assembly (paragraph 2-12).
j. Open the bleach metering valve.
k. Open external sewage inlet and outlet valves.
l. Restore electrical power.
m. Operate the unit and check for leaks. Correct as required.


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