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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
Make sure electrical power is OFF to avoid injury to personnel.
a. Remove the circuit card assembly (5, FIGURE 2-13) as follows:
To prevent damage to the equipment, each wire removed from the circuit card
must be tagged, with location marked, to ensure they are reconnected exactly as
(1) Open the control module assembly door (19, FIGURE 2-13) to reveal the circut card (5) and
wiring connection. See FIGURE 2-14 for printed circuit card details.
(2) Tag, disconnect, and mark the locations of each wire connected to TB1, TB2, and TB3 on the
circuit card assembly (FIGURE 2-14).
All terminal connections should be free from wiring.
(3) Remove the screw (3, FIGURE 2-13) in each corner that mounts the circuit card and to the
panel enclosure.
(4) Remove the circuit card from the panel enclosure (4, FIGURE 2-13).
(5) If only the circuit card is being replaced, go to step (d) of the following replacement procedure.
b. Remove the circuit breaker (11, FIGURE 2-13) as follows:
A front view of breaker switch is shown in (18) FIGURE 2-13.
(1) Open the control module door to reveal the circuit breaker (11, FIGURE
2-13) on the back side of the door.


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