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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(3) Remove the locknut from the cable connector elbow and remove the cable (6) gasket,
elbow, and connector from the solenoid.
(4) Disconnect the other end of the cable from the circuit board in the control module assembly.
Refer to FIGURE 2-14 for identification of the solenoid terminals in the control module
Disconnect the chlorination solenoid wires from the power relay in the control module
assembly (13, FIGURE 2-13) when replacing the chlorination solenoid cable.
(6) Loosen the appropriate cable connector on the control module assembly and withdraw the
(7) All wires should now be disconnected. Remove the cable from the sanitary unit.
a. Check for worn or frayed insulation on electrical wires. Replace if necessary.
b. Other repair to the equipment routing cable assembly is by replacement of the appropriate maritime
cable. Refer to the removal and replacement steps in this procedures.
a. The procedure for replacing the cable on each pump and the waste disposer is the same. Refer to
FIGURE 2-15 for pump locations. Connect the appropriate cable as follows:
(1) Run the cable (1) through the same cable connector on the control module assembly that the
old cable was removed from (paragraph 2-17).
(2) Connect the electrical wires to their proper terminals on the circuit board. Refer to FIGURE
2-14 for pump terminal identification.
(3) Tighten the cable connector at the control module assembly.
(4) Route the cable to the appropriate pump.
(5) Run the pump end of the cable through the connector nut (4, FIGURE 2-15) gasket, and
elbow. Position the cable in the electrical box cover to the pump and install the locknut to
the elbow and tighten.
(6) Connect the wires to their proper terminals on the pump.
(7) Install the electrical box cover on the pump and tighten the cable connector nut (4).


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