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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
b. The procedure for replacing the cable on the chlorination solenoid and the backwash solenoid are the same
except where noted. Refer to FIGURE 2-15 for solenoid locations. Connect the appropriate cable as follows:
(1) Run the cable (6) through the same cable connector on the control module assembly that the old
cable was removed from (paragraph 2-17).
(2) Connect the wires to the proper terminals in the control module.
(a) Attach the backwash solenoid wires to their proper terminals on the circuit card (See FIGURE
2-14 for terminal identification).
(b) Attach the chlorination solenoid wires to the terminals (13, FIGURE 2-13) on the power relay
in the control module assembly.
(3) Tighten the cable connector until snug at the control module assembly.
(4) Route the cable (6, FIGURE 2-13) to the appropriate solenoid.
(5) Run the solenoid end of the cable through the connector nut (4, FIGURE 2-15) and elbow (6).
(6) Connect the wires to their proper terminals on the solenoid.
(7) Install the electrical connection cover plate (5, FIGURE 2-15).
c. Restore electrical power at primary breaker (TM 55-1905-223-10).
d. Turn the circuit breaker on the control module to the ON position.
e. Run the sanitation unit and check for proper operation (paragraph 2-6).


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