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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
2-19. Replace Level Sensor Assembly
This task covers:
a. Inspection/Test,
b. Removal,
c. Replacement.
Equipment Conditions
Tool kit, general mechanic's
Sanitary unit in the normal
operational (DEMAND) mode
Tool kit, electrician's
Soap, Item 9, Appendix C
Level sensor assembly P/N 3700048
Brush, non-metallic, Item 8, Appendix C
Warning tags, Item 10, Appendix C
a. Refer to the terminal board 3 (TB3) (4, FIGURE 2-17). Use a multimeter on the voltage scale and
check for proper voltage at the level sensor terminals in the control module assembly. Check the
voltage between CT GND and DEMAND terminals on TB3. Also check between CT GND and TANK
FULL terminals on TB3. Both readings should be 110-120 Vac. If there is no voltage, or if the
voltage is lower than required, check the control module assembly (Table 2-2, Item 5).
b. If the sanitary unit does not operate in the normal (DEMAND) mode, do the following:
(1) Place the mode switch on the control module assembly in the continuous mode (paragraph
(2) If the sanitary unit operates properly in the continuous mode, either the level sensor
connections or the control module assembly are defective.


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