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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
Open the external sewage valves and backwash water supply valve while conducting test procedure.
a. If the pump system does not operate, conduct the following checks and test:
(1) With the electrical power OFF, open the control module assembly and check the pump leads on the
circuit board for breaks or loose connections. Refer to (5) FIGURE 2-17 for terminal identification.
Tighten connections or replace leads as required.
(2) Turn electrical power ON and place the sanitary unit in the CONTINUOUS mode (paragraph 2-6b).
Flush one of the commodes.
(3) Use a multimeter and test for proper voltage across the poles marked 220 and 220/110 on the pump
terminals on the circuit board in the control module assembly. Refer to (5) FIGURE 2-17 for terminal
(a) The voltage should be 220/240 Vac.
(b) If there is no voltage at the terminals, replace the circuit board assembly (paragraph 2-17).
(c) If the correct voltage reading is obtained on the terminals, go to the next step (4).
(4) Turn the electrical power OFF.
Remove the electrical box cover on the inoperative pump to reveal the cable connections
(paragraph 2-18). Check for broken leads and secure connections.
(a) Position the cover away from possible contact with the electrical connections.
Turn the electrical power ON and place the sanitary unit in a CONTINUOUS mode
(c) Use a multimeter and check the voltage on the pump terminals.
(d) If there is no voltage present, replace the electrical cable (paragraph 2-18).
(e) If the proper voltage is obtained (220/240 Vac), and pump still does not operate, the pump
system is defective.


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