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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
b. Replace the pump system. Refer to the removal and replacement steps of this procedure.
Service to the discharge pump is accomplished through PMCS.
Toxic and flammable vapors are generated in the sewage system.  Provide
ventilation from outside source before removing covers, hoses, drain plugs, and
fittings. Avoid open flames and prolonged breathing of fumes.
Make sure the electrical power is OFF to prevent personal injury.
a. Make sure the external sewage line valves and the backwash water valve are closed.
b. Disconnect the electrical cable from the discharge pump system (paragraph 2-18).
Although the system has been drained, a small amount of effluent may still be
contained within the pump. Avoid splashing in eyes when disconnecting hoses.
c. Disconnect the discharge line from the pump (5, FIGURE 2-18).
d. Loosen the clamps (1, FIGURE 2-18) and remove the hose (2). Place a shallow pan under the hose
connections while disconnecting to catch any runoff.
e. Remove the mounting screws, nuts, and washer (6, FIGURE 2-18) and remove the pump from the
sanitary unit.
f. Remove the PVC fittings (3, 4) from the pump inlet and outlet.


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