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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(1) Apply teflon lubricant to the pipe threads.
(2) Screw the connections into their proper locations. Tighten the connections until snug.
Do not over tighten. PVC fittings may crack.
(3) Make sure the connections are aligned with their respective hose connections.
d. Install the inlet hose (2, FIGURE 2-18) and tighten the clamps (1). Tighten to 40 in-lb.
e. Connect the discharge line (5, FIGURE 2-18).
f. Connect the electrical cable to the discharge pump system (paragraph 2-18).
g. Open the following valves:
(1) Sewage inlet and outlet.
(2) Bleach metering.
(3) Backwash water supply.
h. Restore electrical power, start the unit, and con uct run check (paragraph 2-6c).


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