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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(1) Remove the four bolts and washers (1, FIGURE 2-19) that hold the pump adapter (2) to the motor.
(2) Loosen the two bolts (4) and nuts and wash rs (6) on the shaft drive clamp (3) through the opening in
the adapter (7).
(3) Slide the shaft sleeve (5) and adapter (2) from the shaft of the motor. The pump is now free from the
Repair to the flow pump system is by replacing the centrifugal pump or by replacing the system.
Refer to the removal and replacement steps of this procedure.
a. Mount the pump to the motor as follows: (Refer to FIGURE 2-19).
(1) Make sure the shaft is clean.
(2) Insert the motor shaft through the adapter (2) and into the shaft sleeve (5,). Maintain pressure against
the impeller shaft sleeve (5) through the inlet opening in the pump until the drive clamp bolts (4) are
(3) Tighten the two bolts (4) and nuts and washers (6) in the drive clamp assembly (3) through the opening
(7) in the adapter. Tighten to 200 in-lb.
(4) Install the four bolts and washers (1) that mount the adapter (2) and pump to the motor housing.
Tighten to 34 ft-lb.
The flow pump system is now ready to be mounted on the sanitary unit.
b. Mount the pump and motor to its mounting plate on the sanitary unit with the four mounting screws (7,
FIGURE 2-20). Tighten to 34 ft-lb.
c. Install the PVC inlet and outlet connections (3, 6, FIGURE 2-20) as follows:
(1) Apply teflon lubricant to the pipe threads.
(2) Screw the connections into their proper locations. Tighten the connections until snug.


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