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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(a) Open the needle valve handle (1, FIGURE 2-25) fully counterclockwise.
(b) Turn the hex connection (2) countercl9ckwise and remove the handle and needle portion from the
valve body (3).
(c) Turn the locknut (5) counterclockwise and remove it from the valve body. The valve is now free of its
(d) Withdraw the valve body (3) from its mounting surface (4) on the underside of the unit.
f. Remove the waste disposer piping group as follows: (Refer to FIGURE 2-22).
(1) Hold a container under the connection to catch effluent runoff and remove the pipe plug (4, FIGURE 2-
22) to drain the disposer pump and piping.
(2) Loosen the clamps (1) on the flexible coupling (2).
(3) Disconnect the piping from the waste disposer outlet at adapter (5).
(4) Slide the piping section down and remove it from the sanitary unit.
a. Repair to the piping group is by replacement of the following components:
(1) Waste disposer flexible coupling.
(2) Bleach solenoid valve.
(3) Bleach metering valve.
(4) Backwash solenoid valve.
(5) Gate valve.
(6) Pressure gauge.
(7) Ball check valve.
b. Refer to the removal and replacement steps of this procedure.
a. Replace the water disposer piping group as follows (refer to FIGURE 2-22):
(1) Position the flexible coupling (2, FIGURE 2-22) and clamps (1) on the Tee connection (3). Slide
coupling up and onto the sanitary unit.


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