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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
Apply teflon pipe thread lubricant to adapter threads before installing.
(2) Align the Tee connection (3) with the waste disposer outlet. Connect the piping to the pump with
adapter (5).
(3) Tighten the clamps (1) on the flexible coupling (2) to 40 in-lb.
(4) Apply teflon pipe lubricant to the threads and install the pipe plug (4) into the Tee connection (3).
b. Replace the chlorination (bleach) solenoid valve and bleach metering needle valve as follows:
(1) Replace the bleach solenoid valve:
(a) nstall the solenoid valve (2, FIGURE 2-24) on its mounting bracket (7).
(b) Install tubing sections (5) and (4) into the solenoid valve (2) and hand tighten fittings (3, 8, and 10).
(c) If the metering valve was not removed, connect the tubing (4) to the metering valve (6) at connection
(5). Connect the tubing (7) to connection (5) on the other side of the valve (6). Remove the tubing
clamp from bleach tubing (7).
(d) If the metering valve (6) was removed, install the valve (step 2) as follows:
(2) Install the bleach metering needle valve (6, FIGURE 2-24) as follows:
Apply teflon pipe lubricant to all threaded fittings.
(a) Position the valve body (3, FIGURE 2-25) from the underside of the sanitary unit and install the locknut
(5) from the topside of the unit (4). Align the valve body with the bleach tubing and hand tighten the
(b) Insert the handle and needle portion of the valve into the valve body.
(c) Connect the hex fitting (2) to the valve body and secu e until snug.
(d) Close the valve by turning the handle (1) clockwise.
e) Install bleach tubing (4, FIGURE 2-24) and (7) at fittings (5) on each side of the valve body.


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