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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
container. This will drain the tank and line. Close the cap or lid on the container when the tank has
finished draining.
d. Disconnect the bleach line at the adapter elbow (5, FIGURE 2-26) on the tank (3).
e. Screw the fill plug (2) back into the tank.
f. Remove the tank straps from mounting.
Repair to the bleach tank is by replacement of the assembly.
Refer to the removal and replacement steps of this procedure.
a. Position the new tank (2, FIGURE 2-24) in its mounting.
b. Connect the bleach line to the adapter elbow (5, FIGURE 2-26).
c. Connect the bleach line (7, FIGURE 2-24) to the metering valve connection (5) on the sanitary device.
Avoid splashing bleach in eyes while filling storage tank.
d. Fill the tank with bleach. Any bleach removed from the old tank may be suitable for re-use.
e. Install the fill plug (2, FIGURE 2-26) in the adapter (1) on top of the tank.
f. Open the metering valve on the main unit by turning counterclockwise.
g. Visually check the tank, line, and connections for leaks. Correct as necessary.
h. estore electrical power, start the unit, and conduct run check (paragraph 2-6).


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