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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
2 Use a multimeter on the ohms setting and check for a short in the windings. Check the resistance
between the power supply terminals (red and black) on the motor. If no deflection (infinity) is obtained
on the meter, the windings are open. If a full deflection (zero reading) is obtained, the motor windings
are shorted.
3 Replace the ac motor assembly if an open or shorted condition exists.
4 Use a multimeter on the ohms (10,000 ohms scale) setting and check for an external ground. Check
each terminal on the motor by placing one multimeter lead to a motor terminal and the other lead to a
clean, unpainted spot on the metal housing of the motor. If any deflection or resistance other than
infinity is shown on the meter, the motor has an external ground and must be replaced.
c. Install the waste disposer on the sanitary unit (paragraph 2-23).


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