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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
3-10. Repair Alternating Current Motor.
This task covers:
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanic's,
Refer to the following paragraph in this
maintenance manual.
Tool kit, electrician's,
Waste disposer removed (paragraph 2-23).
AC motor removed (paragraph 2-24).
Gaskets P/Ns 01-21-757, 01-21-754
and 01-21-741
Capacitor P/N 01-21-752
a. Disassemble the ac motor for parts replacement as follows (refer to FIGURE 3-1).
(1) Disassemble the upper housing from the motor. Refer to paragraph 3-9a.
(2) Remove the screws (29, FIGURE 3-1) and the conduit box (27) and gasket (28). Remove gasket
plate (25) and gasket (26).(
(3) Remove the machine screws (30) and remove the capacitor case (31).
(4) Disconnect and tag the electrical leads to the capacitor (32). Remove the capacitor and gasket (33).
(5) Remove the bearing (18, FIGURE 3-1) from the motor end housing (21) as follows:
(a) Remove the three screws (38) and remove the fan guard (39) from the motor.
(b) Remove the four thru-motor bolts (37) from the motor (34). This will disconnect the motor
housing (21).
(c) Clean the shaft with a cloth, or crocus cloth if necessary, before removing the bearing and
upper motor housing.


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