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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(d) Remove the motor housing (21) and bearing (18) from the motor shaft.
(6) Remove the lock ring (40, FIGURE 3-1) and remove the fan (41), the fan shield (42), and switch (43)
from the bottom end of the motor shaft.
(7) Remove screws (36) and remove the switch (43) from the fan shield (42).
(8) Remove the end bearing (45), snap ring (46), and spring (35) from the shaft.
b. Assemble the ac motor as follows (FIGURE 3-1):
(1) Clean the motor shaft with fine crocus cloth and apply a light coat of oil to the shaft.
(2) Install the spring (35, FIGURE 3-1), snap ring (46), and end bearing (45) onto the motor shaft.
(3) Install switch (43) to the shield (42) with screws (36). Install the fan shield and switch, the fan (41),
and lock ring (40) onto motor shaft.
(4) Install the four thru-motor bolts (37) to connect the upper end motor housing (21) to the motor.
Install the fan guard (39) with the three screws (38).
(5) Install the motor bearing (18) on the upper end of ther shaft. Seat the bearing in the end housing
Install the capacitor gasket (33), connect the electrical leads to their proper terminals on the
capacitor (32), and install the case (31) with the two machine screws (30).
(7) Install the conduit box (27) and box gasket (28) onto the motor (34) with screws (29)t
(8) Install the gasket (26) and plate (25). Refer to paragraph 3-9a(12).
(9) Assemble the upper housing onto the motor assembly.


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