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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
D-1. Scope. SAE capscrews are graded according to the strength of the capscrew.
They are marked on the head so the correct strength and torque value are known.
The tables in this appendix will list the capscrew markings with correct torque
values as well as values for pipe plugs and metric bolts.
When replacing capscrews, always use a capscrew of
the same measurement and strength as the capscrew
being replaced. Using incorrect capscrews can result
in equipment damage. Bolts threaded into aluminum
require much less torque.
Always use torque values listed in the tables when
specific torque values are unknown. The torque
values listed in the tables are based on the use of
lubricated threads.
Table D-1.
Capscrew Markings and Torque Values


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