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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
1-6.  General Description. The fire pump subsystem consists of three pump assemblies, associated piping,
valves, manifolds, and gauges. The pumps provide water to the system from a sea chest in the vessel's hull
bottom. Designated valves in the firemain system must be open to allow the system to be pressurized. FIGURE
1-1 shows the electric driven and diesel driven fire pump subassemblies.
1-7.  Characteristics, Capabilities and Features. A very broad view of the fire pump subsystem is as
a. Characteristics
Two electric driven pumps
One diesel driven pump
Each can be controlled at the pump, in the pilot house, and in the EOS (engine operating station).
b. Capabilities and Features
Provides emergency ballasting/deballasting
Provides additional firemain pressure
Diesel-driven pump can be used when vessel has lost electrical power.
1-8.  Location and Description of Major Components. Two electric driven, centrifugal fire pumps are
located in the engine room, each with a rating of 250 GPM at 125 psi. Both of these pumps are connected
directly to the ballast system to provide a water source if the vessel is unable to attain seawater suction, or if
emergency ballasting or deballasting is required. The auxiliary fire pump is located in the bow thruster
machinery space and is mounted direct drive to the bow thruster diesel engine. It has a rating of 500 GPM at
125 psi. This pump is used if the vessel loses electrical capabilities, or if additional firemain pressure is
required. Start and stop controls for all pumps are located on or near each pump, with remote controls in the
1-9.  Equipment Data. Reference data for the firepumps subsystem is given in Table 1-1. Also see the
equipment data given in the operator's manual, TM 55-1905-223-10.
1-10. Warranty Information. The main fire pumps are warranted by the Allis-Chalmers Company for 12
months. Warranty begins on the date found on the DA Form 2410 or DA Form 2408-16 in the log book. Report
all defects in material and workmanship to your supervisor; who will take the appropriate action. The auxiliary
fire pump is warranted by the Peerless Pump Company for 1 year from date of shipment. For additional
information pertaining to the warranty refer to TB 55-1905-223-12.


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