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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
1-11. Safety, Care and Handling. Safety precautions must be observed at all times while performing
maintenance. General WARNINGS and first-aid data appear in the front of this manual. Review all safety
information before starting any task.  Carefully read through an entire maintenance procedure before
performing any maintenance function. Make sure the task can be done safely. All WARNINGS, CAUTIONS,
and NOTES are of great importance to your personal safety and the safety of the equipment.
Overview  The Principles of Operation section will tell you basic information about how the fire pump
subsystem works.
1-12. General. The firemain system is pressurized by two primary fire pumps and one auxiliary fire pump,
with associated piping, valves, and manifolds. Each fire pump will take suction from a sea chest and discharge
water into the system. The system is controlled by valve alignments. Each pump is controlled locally at the
pump and remotely in the pilothouse. Each control station has a control panel that contains motor Start/Stop
buttons (except for auxiliary pump), indicator lights, and a power switch. The indicator lights will indicate the
operational status of the pumps. The auxiliary fire pump is driven by the bow thruster diesel engine (reference
TM 55-1905-223-24-5) and is started or stopped by means of a hand lever on the side of the diesel engine
clutch assembly. The RPM of this pump is controlled by the RPM of the diesel engine. These pumps provide a
total capacity of 1,000 GPM for onboard or off-vessel firefighting. Refer to the operator's manual, TM 55-1905-
223-10, for more information on firepump subsystem control.
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