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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
d. Remove and replace protective caps, plugs, inserts, wrappings, and tape when inspection/inventory is
completed. Inspect piping openings for damage. Wipe off dirt, grease, or protective films at time of
e. Remove chocks from resilient mounted components.
2-5.  Deprocessing Unpacked Equipment. After receipt and inspection of unpacked equipment, make sure
that all packing materials, temporary braces, masking tape, etc., are removed from the material before
2-6.  Preliminary Servicing and Adjustment. It is important that careful preparations and inspection be
made before the fire pumps are put in use.
a. Pre-Start Checks, Electric Driven Pumps. Before initial start of pumps, make the following inspection:
Check alignment between pump and motor (driver).
Check all connections to motor and starting pushbuttons with wiring diagram. Check voltage,
phase and frequency on motor nameplate with live circuit.
Check suction and discharge piping and pressure gauges for proper operation.
Turn rotating element by hand to ensure that it rotates freely.
Check stuffing box adjustment, lubrication, and piping.
Check driver lubrication.
Ensure that pump is primed and all valves are properly set and operational, with the discharge
valve closed, and the suction valve open.
Check rotation. Be sure that the driver operates in the direction indicated by the arrow on the pump
casing as serious damage can result if the pump is operated with the incorrect rotation. Check
rotation each time the motor leads have been disconnected.
b. Pre-Start Checks, Diesel Driven Pump. Before initial start of pump, make the following inspection:
Perform steps 2-6a(1), (3), (4), (5) and (6).
Refer to TM 55-1905-223-24-5, Bow Thruster Diesel Engine, for pre-checks prior to engaging clutch
to start pump.
Ensure both bow thruster clutch and fire pump
clutch are disengaged prior to starting prime


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