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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
Table 2-2. Unit Troubleshooting - CONT
Test or Inspection
Corrective Action
STEP 4. Check for air leaks in suction pipe or packing gland.
Tighten loose suction piping or packing gland.
8. Pump loses prime after starting.
STEP 1. Check for air leaks in suction pipe.
a. Locate and correct leaks in suction piping (TM 55-1905-223-24-18).
b. Fill pump and suction pipe completely with liquid.
9. Overload on driver.
STEP 1. Check to see if pump speed is high.
Reduce speed (TM 55-1905-223-10).
STEP 2. Check for tight seal.
Stop pump, loosen seal. Tighten seal only enough to prevent leakage.
STEP 3. Check for mechanical failure of pump or driver.
Check for free movement of pump and driver (paragraph 2-17).
10. Pump noisy or vibrates.
STEP 1. Check for misalignment.
a. Realign pumping unit (paragraph 2-17).
b. Check lubricants for proper grade. Refer to LO 55-1905-223-12.
STEP 2. Check to see if flex coupling is loose or misaligned.
Check coupling tightness and alignment (paragraph 2-16).
11. Pump air bound.
STEP 1. Check for air in line.
Prime pump.
2-12. General. This section provides unit maintenance for the diesel driven auxiliary fire pump, flexible shaft
coupling assembly, and two electric driven centrifugal pump units.  The tasks are for inspection, service,
adjustment, removal and replacement of subassembly components.  These tasks are addressed in the
following paragraphs.


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