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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
(4) Remove mechanical seal (13) from the shaft sleeve (15).
(5) Remove gland (14), shaft sleeve (15), and deflector (16) from the
motor shaft.
d. Remove bolts (19) which attach the adapter (9) to the pump.
e. Remove the pump.
a. Using solvent and rags, clean all parts.
b. Inspect all parts removed for serviceability; any bends, breaks or chips.
a. Mount pump to adapter and install mounting bolts (19).
b. Install deflector (16), shaft sleeve (15) and gland (14) on the
motor shaft.
Install mechanical seal (13) on the shaft sleeve (15).
d. Install access cover (28) with casing seal (31), stuffing box gland
nuts (18) and spacer sleeve (21) on the adapter and shaft assembly.
Install impeller (24) on the shaft.
Holding the impeller (24), by the outside diameter, install impeller
nut (26) and torque to 25 ft-lbs.
g. Install eight pump casing clamping lugs (20) and machine bolts (19) and
torque to 31 ft-lbs.
Install centrifugal pump unit per instructions in paragraph 3-14.
The only adjustment is to shim up the units if misaligned, paragraph 2-23.


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