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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
a. Using the lifting sling, set auxiliary fire pump assembly (1) onto
pump foundations (4, FIGURE 3-2).
b. Align pump (1) on foundation (4), installing resilient mounts (Detail A),
bevel washers, machine bolts (8), and self locking nuts (7).
Secure nuts (7), leaving loose enough to move pump for final alignment.
d. Align pump suction and discharge piping flanges to piping and install
gaskets (2), hexagon machine bolts (3), lock washers (5), and hexagon nuts
(6). Secure nuts (6) hand tight until final pump alignment.
e. To align coupling hubs, perform the following tasks.
(1) Insert a spacer bar, .125 in. to the same depth at 90intervals between
(2) Insert a feeler gauge between the spacer bar and the hub and measure
the clearance. The difference in minimum and maximum measurements must
not exceed the angular limit of .010 in.
(3) Set a straight edge squarely across both hubs at 900 intervals and
check with feelers. The clearance must not exceed the offset limit of .010
(4) Secure all pump foundation bolts (8) and repeat steps (1), (2), and (3).
Realign coupling as required.
(5) Pack the gap between hubs and grooves with specified lubricant.
When grids are furnished in two or more segments, install
them so that all cut ends extend in the same direction to
permit easy cover installation.
(6) Spread grid (2, FIGURE 3-1) lightly to pass over coupling teeth and tap
in place with soft mallet.
(7) Pack spaces between and around grid (2) with lubricant and wipe excess
flush with top of grid.
(8) Position seals (3) on hubs to line up with cover grooves.
(9) Position gaskets (6) on flanges of lower cover half.


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