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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
Remove hexagon nuts (16), machine bolts (14), and flat washers (15).
Remove pump/motor assembly from foundation.
a. Using the lifting sling, rig new pump/motor assembly into place.
b. Realign pump/motor assembly to foundation, suction, and discharge piping
flanges. Install foundation machine bolts (14), flat washers (15), and
hexagon nuts (16).
Install piping flange gaskets (8), realign piping, and install machine
bolts (7), lockwashers (6) and hexagon nuts (5).
d. Install electric cables to electric motor conduit box (1); install cover
gasket, cover, and machine bolts (2).
Check motor rotation.
e. Return suction and discharge valves to locked "Open" position, clear tags,
and restore system to normal.


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