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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
3-16. Replace Alternating Current Motor. (FIGURE 3-4)
This task covers: a. Removal, b. Replacement.
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanic's,
TM 55-1905-223-10, electric power to
pump motor unit disconnected, tagged
Dial Indicator P/N 5210-00-277-8840
"Out of Service, Do not Operate."
Lifting sling P/N 3375957
Suction and discharge valves locked
Torque wrench (30-300 inch-pound)
and tagged in "Closed" position.
Torque wrench (30-300 foot-pound)
General Safety Instructions
Disconnect power. Use the lifting sling.
Motor assembly P/N 284JP
Stuffing box cover preformed packing
P/N 62148-2-914-0
Lubricating sealant, Item 6, Appendix C
Out of service tags, Item 13, Appendix C
Electrical components contain high voltages that can
cause severe injury or death. Before servicing,
adjusting, or replacing electrical or mechanical
components, the power supply to the electric motor
must be disconnected.
a. From electric motor conduit box (1), remove cover machine bolts (2), cover,
and cover gasket. Disconnect and tag electrical cables from electric motor
then reinstall cover on conduit box.
b. Open discharge gauge tap (6), remove drain plug (8) at bottom of casing,
and drain pump. Install plug.
Remove motor foundation hexagon nuts (12), machine bolts (10), and flat
washers (11).
d. Using the lifting sling, rig motor, adapter, and pump rotating
assembly for removal.


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