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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
(1) Position motor (3) and adapter (9) assembly on motor end.
(2) Place a dial indicator on the shaft for reading the runout between the
motor shaft and the casing. See FIGURE 3-5, Detail A.
(3) While rotating the motor shaft, gently tap the motor adapter with a soft
headed hammer to bring the total indicator runout to less than .002
This tolerance is closer than the fit between motor
face and adapter.
(4) Once the adapter (9, FIGURE 3-4) is aligned, secure the adapter machine
bolts (4).
Install on the motor shaft the deflector (16), shaft sleeve (15), and
gland (14), and install lubricating sealant between shaft and shaft sleeve.
d. Install the mechanical seal (13) using the following tasks.
(1) Install the rotating and stationary elements of the seal (13) with
wearing surfaces facing each other onto the shaft sleeve (15).
(2) Position the seal on sleeve according to the dimension shown in Detail B
(3) Place the seal spring retainer (5) into the stuffing box and install
seal coil spring (4) into stuffing box (2).
(4) Install sleeve (6) and seal assembly into stuffing box (2) with rotating
half of seal installed closest to the impeller.
e. Install seal gland (14, FIGURE 3-4) (flat side toward stuffing box) on the
stuffing box using the gland stud (17) and hexagon nuts (18). Secure
hexagon nuts (18) evenly until the gland is approximately 1/8" from the
stuffing box.
Slide the stuffing box cover (32) onto motor shaft and install cover
machine bolts (2) tightening cover to motor adapter.
g. Slide the spacer sleeve (21) over shaft sleeve (15) and into stuffing box,
install impeller machine key (22) into motor shaft keyway, and slide
impeller (24) onto shaft.
h. Replace impeller hexagon nut (26) onto pump end of shaft and tighten hand
tight. Hold outside diameter of impeller (24) and torque nut to 25-30 ft-


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