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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
a. Clean all metal parts (except bearings) with a solvent and brush.
b. Replace all non-metallic preformed packing.
Replace all rough turning bearings.
a. Rotating Element
Coat shaft lightly with oil.
Place impeller machine key (23) in shaft slot.
Overview. It will be very important to get the location of the impeller
just right.
Install impeller (9) on shaft.
Center impeller hub on key (23) as closely as possible.
Install casing rings (10) using a hydraulic press.
Install one "O" ring in each shaft sleeve (8) in groove provided.
Slide slot end of shaft sleeve (8) over shaft first and locate around
key ends which extend beyond impeller.
Slide stuffing boxes (12) on shaft, insert two rings of preformed
packing (11), lantern ring halves (13), three rings of preformed packing
(11), and packing retainer (14) in each stuffing box (12).
Tighten gland bolts (15) finger tight.
(10) Slide shaft sleeve nuts (5) on shaft and thread in direction opposite
to rotation of shaft. DO NOT tighten set screws in shaft sleeve nuts,
as it may be necessary to adjust location of impeller on shaft to
center in volute.
(11) Install "O" ring in groove of each stuffing box (12).
(12) Slide bearing covers (16) and gaskets (4) on shaft.
(13) Install snap-ring in groove on outboard end of shaft, press outboard
bearing (3) on shaft.
(14) Install bearing lockwasher and bearing locknut (2). Secure locknut
and bend tab on lockwasher into groove provided in nut.


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