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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
(15) Drive or press inboard bearing (17) onto shaft.
(16) Install gaskets between adapter (6) and case and adapter and stuffing
(17) Slide adapters (6) on shaft over bearings, and attach adapters to
stuffing boxes with capscrews.
(18) Slide bearing housings (1), (18) on shaft over bearings (3), (17) and
register into adapter. Before bolting bearing housings to adapter, make
sure that drain hole in bearing housing is in line with drain hole in
(19) Slide bearing covers (16) into bearing housings (1), (18). Be sure that
cored slot is located at bottom of bearing cover.
(20) Secure bearing covers to housings with allen head capscrews.
(21) Insert coupling machine key (19) on shaft. Assemble coupling half on
shaft and secure set screw located on coupling.
b. Pump.
(1) Install rotating element in case as assembled thus far.
(2) Locate stuffing box in lower housing (22). Splitter, or gusset, which
extends into suction chamber, must be at top center, facing toward
impeller eye.
(3) Attach adapter to lower housing by use of two capscrews. Secure cap
screws, moving adapter face to within 1/16 inch of lower case.
(4) Center impeller (9) in volute by adjusting the impeller nuts. After
impeller is centered, secure set screws in impeller nuts.
(5) To locate casing rings, rotate until pin in ring matches hole in
lower housing.
(6) Use upper housing (7) as template to cut a housing gasket. Shellac the
new housing gasket to lower housing (22). (Be sure gasket is flush with
bore where stuffing box locates, if gasket is not flush "O" rings will
not seat at these points.)
(7) Coat the top of gasket with a mixture of graphite and oil.
(8) Install upper housing (7) on lower housing (22). Be sure case splits are
flush. Insert dowel pins for positive location of bores.
(9) Secure upper and lower housings with capscrews, secure alternating
and diagonally at opposite locations.
(10) Secure capscrews that attach adapter to housing.
(11) Rotate shaft by hand. Packing will cause shaft to be somewhat
tight when it is turned.


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