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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
4-14. Repair Alternating Current Motor. (FIGURE 4-2)
This task covers: a. Disassembly, b. Repair, c. Assembly.
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanic's,
Refer to the following paragraph
in this maintenance manual.
Bearing puller P/N 5120-00-288-7710
Alternating current motor removed (para.
Thrust washer bearing P/N 40F76Y56-72014
Annular ball bearing P/N 40F76Y56-72054
Machine key P/N 40F76Y56-70660
Shouldered shaft P/N 40F76Y56-70510
Rotor P/N 40F76Y56-70520
Stator P/N 40F76Y56-71000
Thrust washer bearing P/N 40F76Y56-72013
Annular ball bearing P/N40F76Y56-72053
Casket P/N 40F76Y56-70930
Cleaning solvent, Item 2, Appendix C
Emery cloth, Item 11, Appendix C
Non-metallic brush, Item 7, Appendix C
a. Remove four machine bolts (8) from the shaft end bearing housing (7).
b. Remove shaft end bearing housing (7) along with the air deflector (4).
c. Remove four hex head machine bolts (9) that hold the air deflector (4)
to the shaft end bearing housing (7).
d. Remove ball bearing using bearing puller (6) and bearing washer (5) from
the shaft.
e. Remove machine key (3) from the shaft.
f. Remove four machine bolts (23) from the bearing housing (22) opposite
the shaft end.
g. Remove housing (22) and air deflector (19).
h. Remove four machine bolts (26) from air deflector (19) and remove
the deflector.


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