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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
i. Remove bearing (21) using bearing puller and bearing washer (20) from the
motor rotor (2).
j. Pull motor rotor (2) from the motor stator (1).
k. Remove bolts (15) from conduit box cover (14) and remove the
cover (14) and gasket (12 and 13).
1. Remove bolts (16) from conduit box (17) and remove the box and
gasket (13).
m. Remove motor stator (1) from the motor support/stator yoke (18).
a. Clean all parts thoroughly with cleaning solvent and brush.
b. Use emery cloth to polish the motor rotor (2).
c. Replace the machine key (3) if it doesn't fit tight in the shaft.
d. Replace the bearings (16), (21) if they turn slow or rough when you spin
e. Replace the thrust bearing washers (5), (20) if bent or pitted at all.
f. Replace both gaskets (12), (13) on conduit box when reassembling.
a. Install motor stator (1) into the motor support/stator yoke (18).
b. Insert motor rotor (2) into the motor stator (1).
c. Install bearing washer (20) and bearing (21) on the motor rotor (2)
opposite the shaft end.
d. Install air deflector (19) to the bearing housing (22) (opposite shaft
end) with four machine bolts (26).
e. Install housing (22) to the motor support/stator yoke (18) with four
machine bolts (23).
f. Install shaft end bearing washer (5) and bearing (6) on shaft.
g. Install machine key (3) onto the shaft.
h. Install shaft end air deflector (4) onto the bearing housing (7) with
four machine bolts (9).


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