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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
i Remove mechanical seal (13) from the shaft sleeve (15).
j. Remove gland (14), shaft sleeve (15), and deflector (16) from the
motor shaft.
k. Drill two axial holes into each wear ring (30) approximately 180apart,
being careful not to drill into the casing (29) or stuffing box cover (32).
1. Split wear rings (30) using a chisel.
m. Remove the pieces.
a. Clean all parts with cleaning solvent and brush.
b. Check impeller (25) for cracks, replace if necessary.
c. Install new wear rings (30).
d. Replace all performed packing.
a. Mount motor adapter (9) to the motor using four capscrews (4). Do not
tighten at this time.
b. Set motor (3) and adapter (9) up on the end of the motor.
C. Place a dial indicator on the shaft for reading the runout between the
motor shaft and the casing. (Refer to FIGURE 4-4.)
d. While rotating the motor shaft, gently tap the motor adapter (9) with a
soft headed hammer to bring the total indicator run out to less than 0.002
e. Once the motor adapter is positioned, secure the four capscrews (4)
holding the motor adapted (9) to the motor (3).
f. Install pipe fittings in the stuffing box pipe taps.
g. Install the rotating and stationary elements of the mechanical seal (13) on
shaft sleeve (15) having the two wearing surfaces facing each other.
h. Position the seal on the sleeve according to the dimension in Detail B,
i. Place the seal spring retainer into the stuffing box.
j. Place the seal spring into the stuffing box.


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