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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
k. Place sleeve (15) and seal (13) assembly into stuffing box with rotating
half of seal installed closest to the impeller (25).
1. Install seal gland (14) (flat side toward stuffing box) on the stuffing
box using the gland studs (18) and gland nuts (19).
M. Secure gland nuts (19) evenly until the gland (14) is approximately 1/8
inch from the stuffing box.
n. Slide deflector ring (16) onto the motor shaft.
o. Slide stuffing box cover (32), seal (13), and sleeve (15) assembly onto
the motor shaft, being certain the stuffing box is closest to the motor
adapter (9).
p. To prevent any leakage, put lubricating sealant between the shaft and
shaft sleeve.
q. Bolt motor adapter (9) to the stuffing box using capscrews (20).
r. Slide spacer sleeve (22) over the shaft sleeve (15) and into the
stuffing box.
s. Install impeller key (23) into the keyway on the impeller side of the
motor shaft.
t. Slide pump impeller (25) onto the motor shaft.
u. Screw impeller nut (27) onto the pump shaft until finger tight.
v. Hold the outside diameter of the impeller (25) and tighten (clockwise as
viewed from the suction inlet) the impeller nut (27) to 25 ft-lb.
w. Secure gland (14) evenly against the stuffing box.
x. Place "O" ring casing seal (30) around "O" ring seat on the stuffing
box cover (32).
y. Carefully slide the motor, motor adapter, and stuffing box assembly into
the casing being sure not to pinch the "O" ring.
z. Insert capscrews (20) and clamping lugs (21) through the frame and into
the casing to hold the motor adapter to the casing.
aa. Secure opposite capscrews evenly around the adapter until the stuffing
box has been drawn evenly into the casing.
bb. Alternately torque each capscrew to 25 ft-lb.
cc. Connect the suction (7) and discharge (5) piping into the pump.
dd. Secure to the foundation.


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