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TM 55-1905-223-24-13
1-6. Characteristics, Capabilities, and Features. A very broad view of the bilge/ballast pump subsystem is as follows:
a. Characteristics.
(1) Motor driven, electric - 40 hp.
(2) Pump, centrifugal - 750 gpm.
b. Capabilities and Features.
(1) Can operate from one of two pump assemblies.
(2) Controlled from the pump or engineering control center.
(3) Transfers water to seven ballast tanks to provide vessel stability.
(4) Provides for bilge drainage.
1-7. Location and Description of Major Components. The bilge/ballast subsystem consists of a primary pump and an
auxiliary pump assembly, associated tanks, piping, valves, manifolds, indicators, alarms, and gauges.  The pump
provides water to the system from the sea chest in the vessel's hull bottom and transfers it through the piping to the
seven ballast tanks as controlled by valve alignment. There are three ballast tanks forward in the vessel, two midships,
and two aft. The bilge/ballast subsystem provides two functions: bilge drainage, and vessel stability. Start and stop
controls for the pump are located on or near the pump and in the engineering control center. (Reference TM 55-1905-
223-10.) The major components of the bilge/ballast pump subsystem are the pump, motor, and motor adapter. The
pump is rated for 750 gpm at 150 ft TDH (total discharge head). Reference FIGURE 1-1 for major components of the
primary bilge/ballast pump. See TM 55-1905-223-24-12, for information on the Fire Pump Subsystem.
1-8. Equipment Data. Characteristics and reference data are provided in Table 1-1. Also see the equipment data given
in the operator's manual, TM 55-1905-223-10.
Table 1-1. Equipment Data
Reference Data
Bilge/Ballast Pump
Model 600, Type 2000
Pump output
750 gpm at 150 ft TDH
Pump Motor
Drip-proof vertical enclosure
Rated HP
40 hp at 3550 rpm
240/460 Vac - 3 phase
60 Hz
Current rating
95.6/47.8 amps


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