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TM 55-1905-223-24-13
e. Remove chocks from resilient mounted components.
Initial Setup Procedure. Includes operational checks and inspections that are not performed for a routine
startup. Direct support maintenance personnel will perform initial setup in accordance with the operator's manual, TM
Normal Startup. Refer to operator's manual, TM 55-1905-223-10.
Shutdown Procedure (Usual or Unusual). Refer to operator's manual, TM 55-1905-223-10.
Preliminary Servicing and Adjustment. It is important that careful preparations and inspection be made before
the bilge/ballast pumps are put in use. Before initial start of the pump, make the following inspection:
a. Inspect alignment between pump and piping.
b. Inspect all connections to motor and starting device; check voltage and
frequency on motor nameplate with line circuit.
Inspect suction and discharge piping and pressure gauges for proper
d. Turn rotating element by hand to ensure that it rotates freely.
e. Inspect lubrication and piping.
Inspect driver lubrication.
g. Ensure that pump is full of liquid for priming and all valves are properly set and operational, with the
discharge valve closed, and the suction valve open.
h. Inspect rotation. Be sure that-the driver operates in the direction indicated by the arrow on the pump casing.
Serious damage can result if the pump is operated with the incorrect rotation. Inspect rotation each time the
motor leads have been disconnected.
Explanation of PMCS Table. PMCS is designed to keep the equipment in good working condition. This is
accomplished by performing certain tests, inspections, and services. Table 2-1 lists items to be serviced and the
procedures needed to accomplish the PMCS. The "Interval" column tells you when to perform a check or service. If
needed, PMCS may be performed more frequently than the indicated interval. The "Procedures" column tells you how to
perform the required checks and services. If your equipment does not perform as required, see Table 2-2,
Troubleshooting. Report any malfunctions or failures on DA Form 2404. In the Item Number column on DA Form 2404,
record the appropriate Item Number from the PMCS table.


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