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TM 55-1905-223-24-13
Check current readings (95.6 amps at 240 Vac, 47.8 amps at 460 Vac normal)
during operation.
Check resistance and continuity of the motor windings.
From electric motor conduit box (1), remove four cover m achine screws (2),
cover (3), and cover gasket (4). Disconnect and tag electrical cables from
electric motor then install cover on conduit box.
Open discharge gauge tap (6), remove drain plug (20) at bottom of casing,
and drain pump into suitable container. Install plug (20).
Using a lifting device; rig motor and adapter for removal.
Remove pump casing machine bolts (15). Remove rotating assembly, motor
and adapter, leaving pump casing connected in place.
Remove four motor foundation hex nuts (10), machine bolts (8), and flat
washers (9).
Remove ring casing seal (22).
Remove pump motor from adapter and rotating assembly.
Remove impeller nut (19) holding impeller (18) by outside diameter.
Remove impeller (18) and impeller key (17) from the shaft.
Remove spacer sleeve (16), stuffing box gland nuts (14), stuffing box
cover (23) machine bolts, and cover (23) from the adapter and shaft
The mechanical seal should now be exposed on the
shaft sleeve.  In some cases, the shaft sleeve may
come off the shaft with the stuffing box cover.
If the shaft sleeve (11) comes off the shaft with the stuffing box
cover (23), gently press or pull the shaft sleeve (11) and mechanical
seal (24) from the, stuffing box toward motor side of the stuffing box
cover. This will expose the mechanical seal. Remove the mechanical
seal from the shaft sleeve. Inspect for bends, dents or twist and
replace as required.
Remove the gland (25), shaft sleeve (11), and the deflector (12) from
the motor shaft.
Remove bolts (5) to remove adapter.


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