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TM 55-1905-223-24-13
Replace the Stuffing Box.
(1) Install pipe fittings in the stuffing box pipe taps.
(2) Install the rotating and stationary elements of the mechanical seal (14)
on the shaft sleeve (1) having the two wearing surfaces facing each
(3) Position the seal on the sleeve according to the dimension in FIGURE
2-2, Detail B.
(a) Place the seal spring retainer (5) into the stuffing box (2).
(b) Place the seal spring (4) into the stuffing box (2).
(c) Place the sleeve and seal assembly into stuffing box (2) with rotating
half of the seal (3) installed closest to impeller (6).
(4) Install the seal gland (15, FIGURE 2-4) (flat side toward stuffing box)
on the stuffing box using the gland studs (3) and gland nuts (4).
(5) Secure gland nuts (4) evenly until the seal gland (15) is about 1/8
inch from the stuffing box.
(6) Slide the deflector ring (2) onto the motor shaft.
(7) Slide the stuffing box cover (13), seal (14), and sleeve assembly
(1) onto the motor shaft.
Be sure the stuffing box is closest to the motor
(8) To prevent any leakage, put lubricating sealant between the shaft and
shaft sleeve.
(9) Bolt the motor adapter to the stuffing box using capscrews.
Install Impeller.
(1) Slide the spacer sleeve (6) over the shaft sleeve (1) and into the
stuffing box.
(2) Install the impeller key (7) into the keyway on the impeller side of
the motor shaft.
(3) Slide the pump impeller (9) onto the motor shaft.


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