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TM 55-1905-223-24-13
Overview of bilge/ballast assembly centrifugal pump.
The repair of this pump will include:
o Thoroughly cleaning all metal parts.
o Inspecting very carefully for damage.
o Filing and sanding parts to a smooth finish.
o Replacing parts too damaged to make smooth.
Remove Impeller.
(1) Hold impeller (24) by outside diameter.
(2) Remove impeller nut (26) by turning the nut counterclockwise as viewed
from the suction inlet (9).
(3) Pull the impeller (24) from the shaft.
(4) Remove the impeller (24) and impeller key (21).
Stuffing Box Disassembly.
(1) Remove the spacer sleeve (20).
(2) Remove the two nuts (18) holding the packing gland (34) to the stuffing
(3) Remove the capscrews (19) holding the stuffing box cover (31) to the
motor adapter (11).
(4) Pull the stuffing box cover (31) off the shaft assembly.
If the shaft sleeve (15) should come off with the stuffing box cover (31),
gently press or pull the shaft sleeve (15) and mechanical seal (33) from
the stuffing box toward motor side of stuffing box cover (31).
Remove the exposed mechanical seal (33) from the shaft sleeve (15).
Remove the packing gland (34), shaft sleeve (15), and the deflector (16)
from the motor shaft.
Remove the wear rings (23 and 29).
(1) Drill two axial holes in each wear ring, 180 degrees apart.


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