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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
(9) Lift cylinder by pulling down on chain link (18) connected to bottom of scale.
(10) When lever arm (16) on scale assembly is in horizontal position, read weight from scale.
(11) Lower cylinder to deck.
If cylinder weight loss exceeds 10% of change as specified on name plate,
cylinder is not adequate for use and must be replaced.
(12) Remove lifting yoke (8) from cylinder valve.
(13) Remove weight scale assembly (16, 17) and lifting yoke (8) from overhead support bracket
or rail (15).
(14) Position cylinder with cylinder channels (14) and aligned with mounting screw holes.
(15) Position cylinder straps (10) over cylinder (9).
(16) Secure cylinder straps with four hexhead capscrews (11), lockwashers (12) and hex plain
nuts (13).
(17) Connect discharge hose (1) to cylinder valve at hose connector (2).
(18) Install release lever (4) on cylinder valve (3).
(19) Connect cable (5) to cable mount (6) on release lever.
(20) Remove pin (7) from release lever.
(21) Remove tag from pull box.
b. Main Machinery Room.
Carbon dioxide cylinder servicing procedures are the same for the paint locker and
the main machinery room.
Refer to steps a.(1) through a.(21) above.


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