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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
j. Remove relief valve housing.
k. Remove gasket (19).
l. Remove two screw plugs (9) on relief valve housing.
m. Remove gaskets (10).
n. Remove cap nut (11) and gasket (12) from side of relief valve housing.
o. Remove lock nut (13).
p. Remove gasket (14), relief valve spindle (15), cylindrical spring (16) and relief valve piston (17).
q. Repeat steps i. through p. above to disassemble relief valve housing (7).
Repair of double gear pump assembly consists of replacing threaded pin (1), sleeve (2), driver (3),
retaining ring (4), gaskets (23, 25), shaft and gear set (22), gaskets (19), gaskets (10), gaskets (12),
gaskets (14) relief valve spindle (15), cylindrical spring (16), and relief valve piston (17).
a. Install relief valve piston (17), cylindrical spring (16) relief valve spindle (15) and gasket (14) on side
of relief valve housing (18).
b. Install lock nut (13).
c. Install gasket (12) and cap nut (11) on relief valve housing.
d. Position gaskets (10) on relief valve housing.
e. Install two screw plugs (9) through gaskets (10) and secure to relief valve housing.
f. Position gasket (19) on gear housing (21).
g. Position relief valve housing over gear housing with mounting screw holes aligned.
h. Install six machine screws (8) and secure relief valve housing to gear housing.
i. Repeat steps a. through h. above to assemble relief valve housing (7).
j. Install gaskets (23) and (25) on gear housing (21) and (24).
k. Install shaft and gear set (22).
l. Assemble gear housing by engaging both gear housings on shaft and gear set with mounting screw
holes aligned with driver cover (6).


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