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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
g. Remove sludge liner (13).
h. Turn machine screw (14) in counterclockwise direction and off spindle (3) (right hand thread).
i. Set brake by turning handle (1) counterclockwise.
j. Loosen bowl lock screws (2) until screws are clear of recesses in bowl bottom.
k. Install puller screw in spindle screw hole and turn in clockwise direction to force bowl bottom off cone
surface of spindle (3).
1. Remove puller screw and bowl bottom.
m. Remove centering disc (15) and hex plain nut (16) from bowl bottom.
a. Lubricate bowl lock rings (6, 7) and threads of bowl top (8) and bowl bottom (17). Refer to LO 55-
1905-223-12 .
b. Set brake by turning handle (1) counterclockwise.
c. Install puller screw on centering disc (15), hex plain nut (16) and bowl bottom (17).
d. Position bowl bottom onto cone surface of spindle (3).
e. Remove puller screw.
f. Release brake by turning handle (1) clockwise until bowl bottom can be turned by hand.
g. Turn lock screws (2) clockwise until they fit into recesses in bowl bottom (17). (One recess is located
below "O" mark on bowl bottom.) Do not apply pressure to lock screws. It may be necessary to rotate
bowl by hand to align recesses with lock screws.
h. Install and turn machine screw (14) in clockwise direction to secure bowl bottom to spindle (right hand
i. Install distributor (12) into bowl bottom. "O" mark on distributor must be aligned with "O" mark on bowl
j. Install disc stack (11) and compensating disc (10) on distributor.
k. Install sludge liner (13) in bowl bottom.
1. Install preformed packing (9) on bowl bottom.
m. Install bowl top (8) on distributor with "0" marks aligned and guide bars of the distributor catches into
the grooves of bowl top.


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