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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
h. Install screws (13) in tapholes on bearing cover and tighten to force bearing cover out of bottom
i. Remove bearing cover gasket (16), cylindrical spring (17) and boltguide (18)from bottom frame.
j. Remove three machine screws (2) and lockwashers (1) from neck bearing cap (4) on top frame.
k. Remove spindle cap (3) and neck bearing cap.
1. Remove preformed packing (5).
m. Install spindle screw onto worm spindle (10).
n. Pull worm spindle (10) together with bushing (7), ball bearing protection ring (11) and annular ball
bearing (12) out of top frame, assisted by spindle screw.
o. Remove spindle screw from worm spindle.
p. Slide distance ring (6) and bushing (7) off of grooved ball bearing (9) and sleeve (8).
q. Use gear puller to remove spherical plain bearing (19) from bottom frame.
r. Use gear puller to remove sleeve (8), grooved ball bearing (9), annular ball bearing (12) and ball
bearing protection ring (11) from worm spindle.
Before grooved ball bearing and sleeve or ball bearing
protective ring and annular ball bearing are laced over their
respective worm spindle end, they must both be heated in oil to
a temperature of approximately 176 (80 ).
a. Use arbor press to install ball bearing protection ring (11, Figure 3-11) followed by annular ball
bearing (12) on worm spindle bottom and grooved ball bearing (9), followed by sleeve (8) over worm
b. Use arbor press to install spherical plain bearing (19) to bottom frame.
c. Position bushing (7) and distance ring (6) over sleeve (8) and grooved ball bearing (9).


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