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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
3-22. Repair Oil/Water Separator.
This task covers:
a. Disassembly,
b. Repair,
c. Assembly.
Equipment Condition
Tools required are listed by referenced
Electrical power removed and tagged
"Out of Service - Do Not Operate" as
directed by referenced paragraphs.
Refer to referenced paragraphs.
a. Motor control box assembly. Refer to paragraph 3-23 .
b. Gage panel assembly. Refer to paragraph 2-27 .
c. Control module assembly. Refer to paragraph 2-28 .
d. Vessel subassembly (first stage). Refer to paragraph 3-25 .
e. Plate assembly. Refer to paragraph 3-26 .
f. Vessel subassembly (second stage). Refer to paragraph 3-30 .
g. Vessel subassembly (third stage). Refer to paragraph 3-28 .
h. Motorized pump (oil).
(1) Position motorized pump (15, Figure 3-17) on a clean, flat surface.
(2) Remove eight machine screws (8) securing housing (7) to pump body.
(3) Separate and remove housing from pump body.
(4) Slide stator ring (6) and stator (9) off of rotor (5).
(5) Separate rotor (5) from universal joint (3) by using a punch to remove pin (4). Support rotor
when removing pin. Retain pin (4) for assembly.
(6) Separate universal joint (3) from motor shaft by using a punch through outlet port on pump
body to remove pin (2). Retain pin (2) for assembly.
(7) Slide universal joint off of motor shaft and out of pump body.


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