Quantcast Repair Vessel Subassembly (Third Stage)

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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
3-28. Repair Vessel Subassembly (Third Stage). (Figure 3-25)
This task covers:
a. Disassembly,
b. Repair,
c. Assembly.
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanic's,
Vessel (third stage) removed as
specified in paragraph 3-27 .
Vessel cover removed as specified in
paragraph 2-29 .
Ball valve P/N VB57, VB62
Preformed packing P/N GA19
a. Disconnect ball valve (2) pipe elbow (4) and pipe nipple (1) from cover.
b. Disconnect ball valve (2) pipe elbow (4) and pipe nipple (1) from vessel (20).
c. Separate packing retainer (3) and preformed packing (22) from cover.
d. Disconnect coupler (13) and remove metal tube (12).
e. Disconnect pipe elbow (19).
f. Remove self-locking wing nut (7), packing retainer (6), two preformed packings (8) and cover (5).
g. Lift coalescer element (9) off support (10) and out of vessel.
h. Disconnect support (10) by unscrewing support from pipe nipple (11). Remove support from vessel.
i. Disconnect and lift pipe nipple (11) from vessel.
j. Disconnect stop check valve (14) and pipe nipple (15).
k. Disconnect ball valve (17) and pipe nipple (16).
l. Remove pipe plug (18) from vessel.
m. Disconnect sight glass (21) from vessel.


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