Quantcast DISASSEMBLY - TM-55-1905-223-24-18-20173

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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
a. Position sight level indicator on a clean flat surface.
b. Loosen and remove two retaining straps (2) securing flag assembly (5) to casing assembly (1).
Remove flag assembly.
c. Remove four capscrews (12) flat washers (11), and lock washers (10) securing bottom cap (9) to
casing assembly flange.
d. Remove bottom cap and gasket (14).
e. Remove three flow rate meter floats (6) from casing assembly (1).
f. Detach float tag (8) and warning tag (15) from casing assembly.
Repair of sight level indicators VLI-86501-7,-20,-44 consists of replacing gasket (14), flow rate meter float
(6), and float tag (8).
a. Position casing assembly on a clean flat assembly.
b. Attach warning tag (15) and float tag (8) to casing assembly (1).
c. Install three flow rate meter floats (6) into casing assembly.
d. Position gasket (14) and bottom cap (9) on casing assembly flange.
e. Install four cap screws (12), with flat washers (11) and lockwashers (10), and secure bottom cap to
casing assembly flange. Torque 70 to 80 in-lb (7.84 to 8.96 Nom).
f. Ensure that identification marks (3) and (4) are correctly positioned on flag assembly (5).
g. Position flag assembly (5) on casing assembly (1).
h. Install two retaining straps (2) and secure flag assembly to casing assembly.
a. Install pipe plug (13) on bottom cap (9).
b. Position flange gaskets on tank flanges.
c. Position sight level indicator on tank flanges with capscrews holes aligned.


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