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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
e. Remove float switch (3) from tank.
f. Repeat steps a. through e. for remaining float switches (transmitter assemblies).
a. Position float switch (transmitter assembly) on a clean flat surface.
b. Remove electrical plug connector (15, Sheet 2).
c. Remove retaining ring (16).
d. Remove split washer (14).
e. Remove mounting bracket (1).
f. Remove pop rivets (12) and remove identification plate (11).
g. Remove float assembly (9).
h. Remove split washer (10).
i. Remove retaining ring (13).
j. Remove spacer (17).
k. Remove shock tube (18) and switch insert assembly (19).
l. Separate special spacer (4) from stem assembly (8) by tapping on special spacer with a soft face
Repair of float switch (transmitter assembly) consists of replacing float switch (3, Sheet 1), electrical
plug connector (15, Sheet 2), special purpose electrical cable assembly (6, 7),' and tank penetration
assembly (5).
a. Position stem assembly (8, Sheet 2) on a clean flat surface.
b. Position special spacer (4) over stem assembly.
c. Secure special spacer on stem assembly by tapping top of spacer with a soft face hammer until
spacer is firmly seated.
d. Install switch insert assembly (19) and shock tube (18) into stem assembly (8).


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