Quantcast REPLACEMENT - TM-55-1905-223-24-18-20184

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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
e. Install spacer (17).
f. Install retaining ring (13).
g. Install split washer (1.0).
h. Install float assembly (9).
i. Position identification plate (11) on mounting bracket (1).
j. Install pop rivets (12) to secure identification plate to mounting bracket.
k. Install mounting bracket on stem assembly (8).
1. Install split washer (14).
m. Install retaining ring (16).
n. Install electrical plug connector (15).
a. Position float switch (3, sheet 1) on mounting supports in tank.
b. Install mounting screws (2) and secure special spacer (4) and mounting bracket (1).
c. Install tank penetration assembly (5) into top of tank.
d. Position cable assembly over float switch and tank penetration assembly.
e. Connect special purpose electrical cable assembly (6) at connectors (7).
f. Repeat steps a. through e. for remaining float switches (transmitter assemblies).
g. Replace hatch cover, fill fluid tank and restore inlet and outlet valves to normal operation as specified


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