Quantcast Repair Electric Food Mixing Machine. (Figure 3-64)

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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
3-62. Repair Electric Food Mixing Machine. (Figure 3-64)
This task covers:
a. Disassembly
b. Repair
c. Assembly.
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanic's,
Electric food mixing machine,
removed, para. 2-56 .
Tool kit, electrician's,
Mechanical transmission and motor
removed, para. 2-57 .
Stop timer P/N M1-1957
Gasket P/N M2-3427
Preformed packing P/N M1-15141
Encased plain seal P/N M1-15143
Bevel gear P/N M-1252
Alternating current motor
P/N M1-15117
Warning tags, Item 1, Appendix C
a. Remove self-locking nut (1) and lockwasher (2) from motor shaft (9).
b. Remove bevel gear (3), encased plain seal (4), spacer (5), washer (6), and key (8) from motor shaft.
c. Remove preformed packing (7) and gasket (10) from motor.
d. Remove stop timer (12) by pulling from shaft.
Repair at this level of maintenance is by replacement of stop timer (12), gasket (10), preformed
packing (7), encased plain seal (4), bevel gear (3), and alternating current motor (11).
a. Install gasket (10) and preformed packing (7) on alternating current motor (11).
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