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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
3-70. Repair Knife Unit Assembly. (Figure 3-72)
This task covers:
a. Disassembly
b. Repair
c. Assembly
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanic's,
Knife unit assembly removed,
para. 2-62 .
Electric meat slicing machine
removed, para. 2-60 .
Knife unit assembly P/N PL-16270
a. Remove knife meat scraper (2).
b. Remove roll pin (5) and worm gear (6).
c. Remove rotary meat knife (9), knife shaft ring (8), and knife shaft assembly (7) from knife guard and
shaft assembly (1).
d. Remove machine screw (10) and knife (9) from knife unit assembly (7).
e. Remove self-tapping screw (4) and drip cup (3).
Repair at this level of maintenance is by replacement of worn or defective parts.
a. Install drip cup (3) and attach with self-tapping screw (4).
b. Install rotary meat knife (9) on knife shaft assembly (7) and attach with machine screw (10).
c. Install knife shaft assembly (7), knife shaft ring, (8), and rotary meat knife (9) on knife guard and shaft
assembly (1).
d. Install worm gear (6) and roll pin (5).
e. Install knife meat scraper (2).


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