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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
k. Remove key (12).
l. Remove preformed packing (4).
m. Remove plain seal (14).
n. Remove screw driver/nail from hole in pump shaft.
o. Remove four hexhead capscrews (19).
p. Separate pump shaft (11), impeller adjustment screw (16), annular ball
bearing (21) and pump frame (13) as a unit from motor shaft (22) and motor
housing flange (20).
q. Remove hex head capscrew (17).
r. Remove pump lock (18).
s. Using spanner wrench, turn impeller adjustment screw (16) counterclockwise
until screw (16) separates from pump frame (13). Remove spanner wrench.
t. Remove annular ball bearing (21) from pump shaft (11).
u. Slide pump shaft (11) through pump frame (13) toward case end of pump.
v. Remove impeller adjusting screw (16) from pump shaft.
w. Remove washer (15) from pump shaft.
x. Remove pump shaft (11).
Repair of fresh water centrifugal pump consists of replacing rubber bushing (5),
pump raceway (6), centrifugal pump impeller (10), preformed packing (4), plain
seal (14), and annular ball bearing (21).
a. Install pump shaft (11) into pump frame (13) from case end of pump.
b. Slide pump shaft through pump frame toward motor end of pump.
c. Replace washer (15) on pump shaft.
d. Install impeller adjusting screw (16) on pump shaft.
e. Install annular ball bearing (21) on pump shaft.
f. Use spanner wrench to install impeller adjusting screw (16) on pump frame (13).


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