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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
r. Install case (2).
s. Install plug (3
t. Install two pipe plugs (8).
u. Install four hex head capscrews (1).
v. Adjust impeller running clearance (Figure 3-93).
(1) To check pump for slack or binding, rotate pump shaft back and forth with screwdriver or nail used
during assembly.
(2) Use spanner wrench to rotate impeller adjusting screw clockwise until a slight drag is felt as the
impeller comes in contact with 'the pump raceway. At this point, make a mark on the pump frame
and across one of the spanner wrench holes on impeller adjusting screw.
(3) Use spanner wrench to rotate impeller adjusting screw in opposite direction (counterclockwise) to
back the impeller off and provide clearance between impeller and pump raceway.  The proper
clearance is obtained by moving the impeller adjustment screw approximately one half the distance
between two of the spanner wrench holes as indicated by the reference marks made in step (2)
(4) Remove spanner wrench.
(5) Remove screwdriver or nail from hole in pump shaft.
(6) Insert tab end of pump lock (18, Figure 3-92) into nearest spanner wrench hole as other end of pump
lock is aligned with mounting screw hole (Figure 3-93).
(7) Install hex head capscrew (17, Figure 3-92).


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