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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
l. Slide sleeve spacer (3) off shaft sleeve (21) from casing end of pump.
m. Slide mechanical seal (17) off shaft sleeve (21) from casing end of pump.
n. Pull shaft sleeve (21) with gland (20) intact, from motor shaft (23).
o. Remove gland (20) from shaft sleeve (21).
p. Remove synthetic rubber deflector (22) from motor shaft.
q. Remove wearing ring (8) from suction port in casing (13).
r. Remove wearing ring (6) from stuffing box cover (15).
s. Motor adapter removal:
Do not remove the adapter from the motor unless the motor is to
be repaired or replaced. If the adapter is removed, it will
necessitate repositioning of motor adapter to the motor shaft.
(1) Remove four hex head capscrews (24).
(2) Separate motor adapter (25) from motor shaft (26).
Repair of centrifugal pump (auxiliary seawater cooling) consists of replacing:
centrifugal pump impeller (7), mechanical seal (17), preformed packing (14),
metal tube assembly (5), and wearing ring (8), (6).
a. Motor adapter installation:
If necessary, mount the motor adapter to the motor using four
hexhead capscrews. Be certain adapter is mounted such that the
drain hole is on the bottom. Make snug, but do not tighten
capscrews as final positioning of the motor adapter to motor
shaft is required.
(1) Position motor adapter (25) on motor (26) with mounting screw holes aligned.
(2) Install four hex head capscrews. Make snug, but do not tighten capscrews at this time.


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